Three Wheels of Awesome- Episode 11

With the generosity of St. David’s Foundation, Ghisallo Cycling Initiative has been able to expand the Golden Rollers Senior Trike program to several new sites throughout Austin. We began this semester at Gus Garcia Recreation Center and Conley-Guerrero Senior Activity Center. Over the last month and a half, we have started new programs at Dittmar Recreation Center, Metz Recreation Center, Mcbeth Recreation Center, and Foundation Communities M Station. We also have participants from Pan-Am Recreation, Alamo Recreation, and Givens Recreation joining neighboring centers to ride trikes. Within the past six weeks, we have had over 100 adults participate in our Golden Rollers program.

This week we began a program at Mcbeth Recreation Center, focusing on their Adults with Disabilities group. We set up a course in the parking lot for the riders, to test their braking ability, balance, and maneuverability.

Mcbeth Recreation center are geared up and ready to roll!

The program at Foundation Communities M Station also began this week. We took staff and riders across Martin Luther King Blvd. to the Sustainable Food Center’s Community Garden. There, we were able to enjoy the flourishing plants and vegetables. We even got to munch on some mint growing in the community plot.

The staff at M Station were so excited to try out our recumbent trikes!
Heading to the Sustainable Food Center garden!

Three Wheels of Awesome- Episode 10

Classes began this week at Metz Recreation Center and Dittmar Recreation Center. Even though our new riders were a little skeptical of the three wheel recumbent trikes, their curiosity beat hesitation, and were willing to give them a roll. Very quickly they realized the trikes are not only safe, but user friendly and comfortable!

Seniors from Pan Am Recreation Center joined the Metz Recreation crew for orientation and the the first roll of the program. They took leisurely strolls around the gym before taking to the sidewalks and trails around the Recreation Center.

A little encouragement goes a long way!
What a beautiful day for a roll!

We are now in our third week of programming at Gus Garcia Recreation Center and Conley-Guerrero Senior Activity Center. The excitement for riding is higher than ever, with more seniors returning each week to participate in the Golden Rollers program.

Our first “On Road” ride for Spring Semester. We went from Conley-Guerrero Senior Activity Center to the Long Horn Dam and back!

Stay tuned for more updates from the Golden Rollers. We will be starting programs at Mcbeth Recreation Center and Foundations M Station in the coming weeks.

Three Wheels of Awesome- Episode 9

Our Golden Rollers program officially started at Gus Garcia Recreation Center and Conley-Guerrero Senior Activity Center this past week. We had more seniors than ever before signed up for our classes. As Gus Garcia, our new riders took a roll through the parking lot to get familiar with the trikes, before taking to the paved paths behind the center.

Marcus is one of our newest riders at Gus Garcia Recreation Center. He absolutely loves the trike program and the freedom that riding bikes gives him.

At Conley-Guerrero, both classes were incredibly ambitious and ready to roll. We headed down the Boggy Creek Trail towards Rosewood. The path provides lots of shade and breeze from the greenbelt, which was a nice treat with the increasing temperatures. From Rosewood, the crew headed over the railroad tracks another 1/2 mile before turning around and returning to the building.

Ladies roll out at Conley-Guerrero Senior Activity Center!

Next week begins are programming at Dittmar Recreation Center, Metz Recreation Center, and Foundations M Station. Check out the schedule for details on all of our programs and stay tuned for more info on our star rollers!

Three Wheels of Awesome-Episode 8

We kicked off the week with Golden Rollers orientation at Gus Garcia Recreation Center and Conley-Guerrero Senior Activity Center. Tuesday’s rain left us feeling a little blue, but we were able to hold a very active class inside of the Recreation Center. After our introductions, we went over the 5 Steps to Fitting a Helmet.

Helmets are a must before we get on the trike. With our 5 easy steps to fitting a helmet, you’ll be ready to roll in no time!

Once the participants felt comfortable in their new head gear, we moved on to hand and leg strength. It’s very important that our seniors have the hand strength to stop the bike, as well as the leg strength to pedal the bike.

Working on squeezing those brakes.

Once our participants were cleared to roll, we showed them the different features of the trikes and recumbents. Now, it’s time to roll out! Our riders took laps around the courtyard at Conley-Guerrero Senior Activity Center to get familiar with controlling the bikes.

Our favorite mom and daughter duo.

Later in the week Ghisallo attended St. Patricks Day Casino at Metz Recreation Center. There were 150 seniors in attendance from all over central Texas. We brought one of our recumbent bikes to the party so the seniors could check out all the features of our most popular ride.

Sometimes you need a little help from your friends.

Stay tuned for more from the Golden Rollers. Classes begin next week at Conley-Guerrero Senior Activity Center and Gus Garcia Recreation Center.

Three Wheels of Awesome- Episode 7


With the long days of winter finally behind us, we can spring forward into days of sunshine and fun. Here at Ghisallo, we have been working really hard on expanding our Golden Rollers program. Because of our grant from St. David’s Foundation, we are able to give more Recreation centers throughout Austin the opportunity to get their seniors rolling!

Coming soon to a Recreation center near you will be 5 brand new Ghisallo Bicycle Base Stations. These will house Terra Trikes, helmets, pumps, and tools that will be used to aid participants of the program. Also included inside the base station will be a micro bike shop, which will be used during community events to give a little TLC to bikes that need maintenance.

Orientation starts the week of the 11th. Check out the schedule here for updated information on our program sites. We can’t wait to get rolling with you!

We have a variety of bikes to meet all your riding needs! Come to orientation and see what the Golden Rollers has to offer you!
Paula is an expert Golden Roller! She often rides at Conley-Guerrero Senior Activity Center.

Three Wheels of Awesome-Episode 6


We are excited to announce that Ghisallo Cycling Initiative was selected by St. David’s Foundation (THANK YOU!) to be a recipient of an Aging in Place / Opportunities to Be Active grant for 2019 to expand and enhance our Golden Rollers program!

At $246,116, it is an incredible opportunity for our clients and organization to launch these programs at new sites across Central Texas as well as be able to provide specialized equipment for clients with additional physical and cognitive challenges.

We want to thank all of our participants, staff, supporters, partners, and of course A Glimmer of Hope Austin who was an angel “investor” in helping us get the fully formed program off the ground to prove the model and demonstrate the demand. 2019 is going to be an exciting year!

Congratulations to all of the St. David’s Foundation award winners!
We are so thankful and excited for the opportunity to expand our Golden Rollers program!
Watch out 2019! We’re rolling in to the new year with a lot of new and exciting opportunities!

Dancing into Fall – November 2017

We’ve had a most welcomed new addition to our weekly rides at Conley-Guerrero: a portable music speaker. For over a month now, he’s been consistently cranking out quality 50’s and 60’s tunes that get the rollers grooving on and off the trikes. Enjoy these videos of us boogying down the road and cutting loose at a rest stop:


Back in Action and Feeling Fine – September 2017

We had our first full trail riding class of the fall season this Wednesday and some of the riders were more than ready. This week’s participants consisted of several seasoned Golden Roller veterans, who know the Rosewood Bike Trail like the back of their hands. To spice up the rides, we’ve started bringing a portable speaker and the music really gets us moving.


A beautiful day in the neighborhood.


That ride? No sweat. (OK, maybe a little sweat)


Gotta stay hydrated.


We’re looking forward to taking a longer ride on the road with some of these folks next month. Stay tuned!

Laying Roots in the Garden Of Hope – June 2017

cycling + gardening = a smile-inducing combination

For the last few weeks, a group of Golden Rollers from the Conley-Guerrero Senior Center has been teaming up with the Pan AM Recreation Center for Thursday Morning Garden Rides.

We depart from Conley-Guerrero around 8:30 am (before it gets too steamy) and ride a cool 1.3 miles down the Pedernales Cycle Track before arriving at the Senior Garden of Hope for a healthy dose of veggie cultivation.

The Pan AM Rec Center has been encouraging our attendance with assistance from a friendly garden-informed staff member (Hi Mia!) and morning refreshments of coffee and donuts to keep us energized. Don’t worry, we burn off any excess calories on the ride back.

Here are some highlights from the last two rides. Be sure to watch the video at the bottom:

Rolling down the separated cycle-track. “It’s like a special little road just for us!”

Arriving at the Oswaldo “A.B.” Cantu / Pan American Center on East 3rd Street, home of the little-known Senior Garden of Hope.

Many of the Rollers were surprised to discover that this senior-designated garden even existed. It is just one of the many different programs and services the Austin Parks and Rec Department offers for senior residents.

Our gardening tasks have included light weeding, watering, mulching, fertilizing, and the beloved harvesting of vegetables. Some like getting dirty more than others, so gloves are available. 🙂

Just a small preview of the summer crops coming in. Everybody left with a few handfuls!

All smiles as we prepare to ride back.

And here is a parting shot as we roll back to Conley-Guerrero, with bonus commentary from Pan AM Rec staff.

Like Riding a Bike (VIDEO)

This film follow members of the Golden Rollers, Austin’s senior tricycle program which is a collaboration between the Ghisallo Cycling Initiative and the Conley-Guerrero Senior Activity Center in East Austin. It provides an opportunity for adults aged 50 and older to engage in low-impact, bicycle-based recreation, exploration, and transportation. These are their stories as they explore the world on three wheels, proving you are never too old to roll.

Like Riding a Bike from The Ghisallo Foundation on Vimeo.