Laying Roots in the Garden Of Hope – June 2017

cycling + gardening = a smile-inducing combination

For the last few weeks, a group of Golden Rollers from the Conley-Guerrero Senior Center has been teaming up with the Pan AM Recreation Center for Thursday Morning Garden Rides.

We depart from Conley-Guerrero around 8:30 am (before it gets too steamy) and ride a cool 1.3 miles down the Pedernales Cycle Track before arriving at the Senior Garden of Hope for a healthy dose of veggie cultivation.

The Pan AM Rec Center has been encouraging our attendance with assistance from a friendly garden-informed staff member (Hi Mia!) and morning refreshments of coffee and donuts to keep us energized. Don’t worry, we burn off any excess calories on the ride back.

Here are some highlights from the last two rides. Be sure to watch the video at the bottom:

Rolling down the separated cycle-track. “It’s like a special little road just for us!”
Arriving at the Oswaldo “A.B.” Cantu / Pan American Center on East 3rd Street, home of the little-known Senior Garden of Hope.

Many of the Rollers were surprised to discover that this senior-designated garden even existed. It is just one of the many different programs and services the Austin Parks and Rec Department offers for senior residents.

Our gardening tasks have included light weeding, watering, mulching, fertilizing, and the beloved harvesting of vegetables. Some like getting dirty more than others, so gloves are available. 🙂
Just a small preview of the summer crops coming in. Everybody left with a few handfuls!
All smiles as we prepare to ride back.

And here is a parting shot as we roll back to Conley-Guerrero, with bonus commentary from Pan AM Rec staff.