Bicycle-Based Services For Adults Aged 50 and Older

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These are their stories as they explore the world on three wheels, proving you are Never Too Old to Roll.

Who We Are

Never Too Old to Roll

Golden Rollers gives older adults and seniors the opportunity to develop and grow interpersonal relationships, experience the outdoors, and engage in safe and fun physical bicycle-based activity in the community. Many have had the life changing experience of riding again, or even for the first time; proving that you are never too old to roll.


All Ages, All Abilities, All Welcome!

Long time rider or your very first time? Every day active or working with physical and/or cognitive challenges? Golden Rollers has the staff, equipment, and support to enable anyone and everyone to join the ride!

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Three Wheels of Awesome blog documents the experiences of the Golden Rollers as they explore the world on three wheels.

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