Three Wheels of Awesome- Episode 16

After receiving a grant from St. David’s Foundation last November, we at Ghisallo Cycling Initiative have been able to expand our Golden Rollers program throughout Austin. We have made cycling accessible at many different Recreation Centers and Senior Centers all over the city, enabling our clients to engage in a low impact form of exercise

Three Wheels of Awesome-Episode 14

As this semester comes to a close, we at Ghisallo Cycling Initiative would like to thank all of the Golden Rollers participants, PARD staff, volunteers, and St. Davids Foundation for making our program possible. Over the past 10 weeks, more than 150 individuals have participated in the Golden Rollers program. Many of those individuals have

Three Wheels of Awesome-Episode 13

A few weeks ago Ghisallo Cycling Initiative started a trike program at Mcbeth Recreation Center. This center provides social opportunities through quality programs, that challenge, support, and teach leisure skills for the citizens of Austin with differing abilities. During the program, PARD staff and Ghisallo employees assist the riders in navigating a course through the

Three Wheels of Awesome-Episode 12

The Golden Rollers have been biking around with us during our Spring program for the past six weeks. Within those six weeks, we have had over 150 new riders to the program. We have held over 50 classes between Gus Garcia Recreation, Metz Recreation, Dittmar Recreation, Mcbeth Recreation, Alamo & Givens Recreation, Conley-Guerrero Senior Activity

Three Wheels of Awesome- Episode 11

With the generosity of St. David’s Foundation, Ghisallo Cycling Initiative has been able to expand the Golden Rollers Senior Trike program to several new sites throughout Austin. We began this semester at Gus Garcia Recreation Center and Conley-Guerrero Senior Activity Center. Over the last month and a half, we have started new programs at Dittmar

Three Wheels of Awesome- Episode 10

Classes began this week at Metz Recreation Center and Dittmar Recreation Center. Even though our new riders were a little skeptical of the three wheel recumbent trikes, their curiosity beat hesitation, and were willing to give them a roll. Very quickly they realized the trikes are not only safe, but user friendly and comfortable! Seniors

Three Wheels of Awesome- Episode 9

Our Golden Rollers program officially started at Gus Garcia Recreation Center and Conley-Guerrero Senior Activity Center this past week. We had more seniors than ever before signed up for our classes. As Gus Garcia, our new riders took a roll through the parking lot to get familiar with the trikes, before taking to the paved

Three Wheels of Awesome-Episode 8

We kicked off the week with Golden Rollers orientation at Gus Garcia Recreation Center and Conley-Guerrero Senior Activity Center. Tuesday’s rain left us feeling a little blue, but we were able to hold a very active class inside of the Recreation Center. After our introductions, we went over the 5 Steps to Fitting a Helmet.

Three Wheels of Awesome- Episode 7

3/8/2019 With the long days of winter finally behind us, we can spring forward into days of sunshine and fun. Here at Ghisallo, we have been working really hard on expanding our Golden Rollers program. Because of our grant from St. David’s Foundation, we are able to give more Recreation centers throughout Austin the opportunity

Three Wheels of Awesome-Episode 6

12/19/2018 We are excited to announce that Ghisallo Cycling Initiative was selected by St. David’s Foundation (THANK YOU!) to be a recipient of an Aging in Place / Opportunities to Be Active grant for 2019 to expand and enhance our Golden Rollers program! At $246,116, it is an incredible opportunity for our clients and organization to launch these programs