Three Wheels Of Awesome – Episode 3

03/31/2016 What a morning! Our rides along the Boggy Creek Greenbelt typically stop and turn around when the trail hits Rosewood Avenue, but not today. The weather was so gorgeous and the riders were feeling strong, so we kept going… …over the bridge and through the woods… …all the way to 12th Street. All things told, it was

Three Wheels Of Awesome – Episode 2

03/16/2016 We had our second and third Orientation Classes for New Rollers at Conley-Guerrero this morning and energy was high. It’s hard to believe how much interest we have seen from the community. Sixteen new Rollers were introduced to the basics of trike maneuvering and are now geared up for future trail riding.  (Safety Tip: If you ever feel

Three Wheels Of Awesome – Episode 1

03/08/2016 It’s happening! The Golden Rollers of Conley-Guerrero Senior Center officially kicked off the spring season with our first Orientation Class for New Rollers this morning. The group shared stories about their cycling pasts and discussed expectations for the program before trying out the trikes in the parking lot. Everyone in attendance was approved for the Trails & More

Conley-Guerrero Adult Trike Program Pilot Session #1 Recap

You can read about the launch of this program at the Conley-Gurrero Senior Activity Center (808 Nile Street – 512-978-2660) in the original announcement post below. We had an overwhelming response at the program launch with 47 seniors signing up to ride the five trikes. The first session consisted of seven classes: four orientations and three trail rides. Riders

Conley-Guerrero Adult Trike Program Pilot

The idea for this program began in the spring of 2014 with the approval and initiation of the Pedernales Protected Bikeway. This created the opportunity to provide bicycle-based, low-impact recreation, exploration, and active transportation for members of the Conley-Guerrero Senior Activity Center. Ghisallo Cycling Initiative received five adult trikes to be able to provide safe outdoor