Three Wheels of Awesome-Episode 12

The Golden Rollers have been biking around with us during our Spring program for the past six weeks. Within those six weeks, we have had over 150 new riders to the program. We have held over 50 classes between Gus Garcia Recreation, Metz Recreation, Dittmar Recreation, Mcbeth Recreation, Alamo & Givens Recreation, Conley-Guerrero Senior Activity

Three Wheels of Awesome- Episode 11

With the generosity of St. David’s Foundation, Ghisallo Cycling Initiative has been able to expand the Golden Rollers Senior Trike program to several new sites throughout Austin. We began this semester at Gus Garcia Recreation Center and Conley-Guerrero Senior Activity Center. Over the last month and a half, we have started new programs at Dittmar

Three Wheels of Awesome- Episode 10

Classes began this week at Metz Recreation Center and Dittmar Recreation Center. Even though our new riders were a little skeptical of the three wheel recumbent trikes, their curiosity beat hesitation, and were willing to give them a roll. Very quickly they realized the trikes are not only safe, but user friendly and comfortable! Seniors