Three Wheels of Awesome-Episode 13

A few weeks ago Ghisallo Cycling Initiative started a trike program at Mcbeth Recreation Center. This center provides social opportunities through quality programs, that challenge, support, and teach leisure skills for the citizens of Austin with differing abilities. During the program, PARD staff and Ghisallo employees assist the riders in navigating a course through the parking lot and on to the paved track behind the center.

The track was made possible through the Friends of McBeth (501 C3) and its president Lisa Sledge. The Friends of McBeth Recreation Center is also part of the Austin Parks Foundation non-profit organization.

Since starting the program a few weeks ago, the riders have shown great improvement in hand and leg mobility, breaking, ability, and mental agility. We look forward to challenging our riders with longer distances, obstacle courses, and off-campus rides in the future. For information about Mcbeth Recreation Center and the opportunities offered, please check out their website here.

Axel is always the ride leader!
Alana has been riding with us for three weeks. She’s a total pro!
Michael is the MVP of the group. He is always the most excited to get rolling!